Lama Tsültrim Allione

Author and buddhist teacher

Lama Tsültrim Allione is an author and teacher. She founded the Tibetan Buddhist meditation centre Tara Mandala in the USA in 1994, of which she is the Spiritual Director and resident lama. She encountered Buddhism as a child already through her grandmother. In 1967 she travelled through India and Nepal and was one of the first women from the West to be ordained by H.H. the 16th Karmapa. She lived a secluded life as a nun for many years, learned Tibetan, and studied and practised Tibetan Buddhism. At the age of 26 she gave back her vows, got married, and had four children. With her groundbreaking book, “Women of Wisdom”, she obtained great popularity as an author. In her latest book, “Feeding Your Demons”, Lama Tsültrim Allione combines the knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism with modern psychology in order to illuminate some of our main cultural problems and the roots of our suffering.