Information for Live Courses

Here you will find some important information for live courses. Please read the information carefully.

Environment at home

For all online courses – and especially for courses that include meditation – we recommend that you make the environment in which you will be during the course, comfortable for yourself and set it up so that you are as undisturbed as possible.

Before the Live Courses

You will find the zoom link to your course when you have logged in to the Campus via your user account and selected the course in question, then go to “Start Course” or “Zoom Meeting Link”. If you are using Zoom for the first time, we strongly recommend that you test your audio and video settings. For more information how to join a Zoom Meeting, please see check here.

Waiting room of Live Courses

A waiting room will be activated, that is, it is possible that you will initially only see a message saying something like “Wait until the host brings you into the meeting.” In that case, please be patient. When the meeting starts, you will be admitted into the teaching.

Audio and video of Live Courses

Participants will be muted during the teaching. Depending on the course, there will be time for questions or discussions; at this point you will have the opportunity to turn on your microphone.

You are free to turn your video on or off, but we would like to invite you to consider turning on your video as it is nice for teachers and other participants to see your face.  It makes the online meeting more personal and it creates a communal atmosphere for everyone. We would also invite you to use your real name (at least first name) in the meeting.

We will record the meeting. All recordings will be edited so that only the teacher can be seen and no participants will be shown in a published video. Please note that If you contribute questions or comments, they may be heard in the recording on the online campus.

Chat function

The chat function is set so that you can chat with the zoom host of Kamalashila. In case of technical issues, please feel free to write a message to the host and we will try to help you with technical problems that mostly depend on the participants’ system, such as audio. Please keep in mind that if the problem is due to the participant’s systems, we may not be able to do anything on our part.
If there is a section with discussions, public chat will be enabled.

Questions about Live Courses?

If you have questions or need further information for Live Courses please contact our team at

Please make sure that your internet, audio and video set up is working and we highly recommend testing it prior to the first meeting!