Dream-Bardo and the Karmic Bardo of Becoming (Module 4)

This weekend will demonstrate the Dream-Bardo and the Karmic Bardo of Becoming.

As part of the series on the bardo teachings, here Lama Kelzang teaches the two remaining bardos. The dream bardo is experienced while alive in a sleeping body. The bardo of becoming is the phase in the post-mortal state in which the mind-stream of a deceased living being wanders as if through a labyrinth in search of a suitable place for re-embodiment that corresponds to one’s own inclinations, primarily characterised by karma.

One wakes up from the dream in the same body in which one fell asleep, but in the after-death bardo, the body is also a dream body. At the end of the search for a foothold in a new existence, however, the consciousness continuum also finds what it is looking for and takes shape again in a mother, and if not as a human-mammal, in a suitable environment.

Even in the dream state of sleep, one wanders around mysteriously, driven by the impulses that emerge from the memory consciousness, which only subsides when one becomes aware of the waking body again. But even in the waking state, life also has a dream-like character, which is why it is also referred to as a bardo state.

In this course, Lama Kelzang explains the conscious and unconscious states in dreams and between lives, as shown in the Bardo teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, based on the teachings of Padmasambhava and other great masters. These teachings can change and enrich our understanding of life and death.

English with German translation.

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About Instructor

Acharya Lama Kelzang Wangdi

Acharya Lama Kelzang Wangdi is one of the resident lamas at Kamalashila Institute. He was born in Bhutan and studied and taught for 13 years at the Karma Shri Nalanda Monastic University in Rumtek, Sikkim. He received many teachings from H.E. Gyaltsab Rinpoche, Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche and Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. In 2004, Acharya Lama Kelzang Wangdi first went to the USA, where he still teaches today for Nitartha Institute, and then came to Germany. Since then, he has been living and teaching at Kamalashila Institute, and is visiting Buddhist centers throughout Europe and supervising Kamalashila city groups. He is a competent teacher of Buddhist philosophy and the meditation practices of sutra, tantra and Mahamudra, and an expert of the Abhidharma.

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