The Intrinsic: How it is, how we don’t see it and how this blindness gives rise to our sense of self. In „The Intrinsic“ James Low teaches about intrinsic buddhahood.

Buddhahood is not a construct. All compounded things are impermanent. Intrinsic buddhahood is to be revealed, not made. Since it is not hidden by anything but our own dualising mental activity, the door to freedom is always close at hand.

“Thingness is ignorance, emptiness is wisdom.”

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James Low

James Low spent many years in India studying the language, literature, and history of Tibet. He received teachings from many high-ranking teachers, including Dudjom Rinpoche. He is a long-standing student of Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche with whom he has translated many important Tibetan texts. On his teacher’s instruction, he began teaching the dharma in Europe in 1980. James Low now lives in London, where he works as a psychotherapist, teacher, and supervisor. His deep insight into the dzogchen teachings, his winning presence, and his sound understanding of human psychology, seasoned with a sense of humor, make him an exceptional teacher.

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